The Businesswoman from Pittsburg, Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla, the CEO behind P3 Executive Consulting LLC is a business woman that has a wealth of knowledge in the area of finance and investment. McGalla has established roots in Pittsburg Pennsylvania making her to be one of the most successful businesswomen in the region. Her company, P3 Executive Consulting provides consultancy services to […]

BMG- A Financial Authority In Payroll Loans

BMG is a private bank that was established in 1930 by the Guimarães family. BMG was initially named Banco de Credito Predial S.A., before its name was changed to Banco de Minas Gerais S.A. BMG’s main business was consumer and whole sale financing. In the 1980s, BMG became deeply involved with the financing of light […]

The Best Way to Get on Wikipedia

Wikipedia has overtaken every other major reference resource on the planet. While Wikipedia was initially denounced as a less than reputable way to get information it has grown into the best and most important scholarly site available to the general public. The citations at the bottom of articles allow researchers and students alike to have […]

Fine Literature, Fine Education, Jaime Garcia Dias

Time waits for no man. Or boy. It seems Jaime Garcia Dias understood this implicitly at an early age, something he’s described in online interviews. Who knows what propelled him, but somewhere in his dearest youth, somehow he became smitten with the muse of literature. There is just something about writing which makes it unique […]

The Evolution Of The Bank BMG In Brazil

The banking industry in Brazil is very highly developed and therefore very efficient. There are numerous banking institutions that a person working in this country can choose from. Whether one decides to use local or international monetary systems, chances of frustrations are very low. Private Banks have especially taken their service provision and customer care […]

Online Financial Support Platform In California

GoFundMe is an initiative that is more of a crowdfunding platform that was created in 2010 to make it possible for people to raise funds from donations that can be used by the beneficiaries for live events. Some of the events include celebrations and graduations other life changing occurrences like accidents and health complications. The […]

Beneful Is The Best Food To Give To Any Dog At Any Time

Having a dog can be a learning experience, especially for someone who is young, and it’s their first pet. A very important lesson to learn about having a pet that’s a dog is to learn what to feed them. Feeding a dog food is something that is not hard to do, but some that are […]

Just For Men 2015 Fall Footwear

Now that it’s October and fall in the air many menswear companies have a new shoe line to explore. Whether you are looking for business or pleasure you can be sure to find the right pair of new shoes this fall. Most men love a good casual pair of sneakers. For around the house or […]

Cost-Effective And Results Driven

A company dedicated to delivering online marketing solutions for small and medium sized businesses is what White Shark Media is about. This company was founded in 2010 and has already helped thousands of companies. Its founders include Gary Garth, Andrew Lolk, and Alexander Nygart, now the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Marketing Officer and the […]