Wikipedia Vandals Stopped In Their Tracks

Wikipedia has been helping high-school students write research papers for generations now. It is known as the open platform internet encyclopedia. But its blessing is often also its biggest curse. The fact that anyone can edit a Wikipedia page makes information available on a whole new level, but also makes it vulnerable to pranksters and […]

Igor Cornelsen: Brazil’s Top Banker

In the ever changing world of the global market on Houzz, champions of investing seem to prop up and make a name for themselves through smart and effective investing tactics. One of these individuals would be Igor Cornelsen. A man who emerged in Brazil and rose to prominence back in his home country, while continuously […]

Cleanse and Rinse with the Best Hair Care

The Bustle website has an article in their fashion and beauty section that concerns the use of Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner. The woman who tried it out wrote the article in diary like entries over a course of seven days. Here’s her story of cleansing with WEN Hair. Day One of trying out the Wen […]

VTA Publications Wants To Help You Get Off Of The Zombie Train Of Life

VTA Publications was founded in 2012. They are a company that sells non-fiction items meant to educate others. They also are an events coordinator for specialized seminars relating to their distance learning materials. Through their products you can learn less known secrets to successfully trading stock. You can also learn information about retirement. Their seminars […]

The Fall of Kyle Bass

The investment world is one of the most competitive industries to be in. There is immense pressure on everyone involved to produce at a high rate. In this pressure, a lot of people have issues with the stress that comes along. Kyle Bass is a great example of a talented individual who got caught up […]

Lime Crime Delivers High Quality Products

Doe Deere is a fashionista who likes to think, and live, outside the box. Notorious for breaking and stomping on traditional fashion rules, she set out to create a company that could provide makeup for the most traditional of consumers to the loudest and most trendy of makeup enthusiasts, which she fondly refers to as […]

George Soros’ Take on Chinese Weakened Economy

Whatever is going on in China is adversely affecting the world’s economic balance on This was George Soros’ message to investors while he was in Sri Lanka. He warned investors to tread carefully and watch where they put their money in order to avoid losses. According to his estimates the global economy may experience […]

Premium Dog Food Markets

Dog food sales have sky rocketed throughout the market for premium dog food. More people are beginning to take note and realize that ordinary dog food isn’t necessarily the way to go for many dogs. Just like humans, dogs have allergies and medical conditions that require a special diet or require special care. With premium […]