Spotlight on Don Ressler, JustFab and Fabletics

Don Ressler is Intelligent Beauty’s co-founder and co-CEO in charge of its subsidiaries. He is a renowned entrepreneur having managed a number of start-ups that have become successful for example Intelligent Beauty and his first that was His first venture,, was acquired by Intermix Media in 2001. Don Ressler then teamed up with […]

How To Improve Your Reputation

How you present yourself has a lot to do with what people think about you. Today, with the advancement in technology and Internet access, you have to be concerned with what people see when they search your name or your business. Here are 10 ways to create a positive reputation. 1. Keep your word. If […]

Sanjay Shah Leading Solo Capital to Higher Expectations

When you think about the world of investing there is a significant amount of volatility in the current market. While people are thinking it is always a great idea to simply invest as much as possible, the major question is whether or not you can trust certain investments. That is exactly the reason that so […]

GTL Faces Scrutiny as Securus Asserts Industry Standard

Integrity is the critical cornerstone of American commerce; this is no coincidence, as the spirit of United States contract law guides business and its tireless directors toward the noble virtue. Integrity allows for standardization and accountability in business, creating an atmosphere in which aggressive research and innovation motivated by competition determine success. That competition forged […]

Keith and Keely Mann Announce Scholarship Launch

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you could afford to go to college? Have you ever wondered if there were scholarships out there who would give you money without you having to be at the top of your class? Are you a firm believer that grades don’t determine your success your […]

Eric Pulier’s Entrepreneurial Career

Eric Pulier always had a knack for working with computers, and he got started working with them at a very early age. In fact, his first company in the electronics industry was founded by him during high school. Eric Pulier started a computer database company, and this company was extremely successful. After his success with […]

Diversant is Going a Long Way Towards Promoting Equality

This world is full of stereotypes of different groups. However, there are people that are shining examples of their respective groups. One shining example is Diversant. Diversant is an African American owned company that is founded with the purpose of providing staffing solutions for IT companies. One of the reasons that this company deserve a […]