Bullying Ceased At the Start

Bullying is a major issue in today’s society and schools. Not many are willing to stand up for the guy or gal being bullied so when someone does take a stand and help those who are targeted, it warms the heart. That is exactly what happened in Hobbs Texas. It seems that a young student (…Read More)

School Violence Continues Nearly Unabated

What’s to be done about the continuous threat that students, teachers, and other employees face from school violence? Two incidents have occurred recently, and society can only shake its collective head in disbelief and wonder what could have been done to prevent such horrific events. In late October, freshman Jaylen Fryberg opened fire in a (…Read More)

World Trade Center Opens

Today people gathered in the lobby of the World Trade Center, the tall and remarkable building that takes over the Manhattan skyline. It’s been over 13 years since the original towers were destroyed on September 11 by terrorist attacks. It is now the tallest building in the United States, certainly something to be proud of. (…Read More)

Jason Money is More Than One Play

What do you do when you have cost your team a chance to play in the state playoffs during your final high school football game? If you are Jason Money from Spanish Fork High School, you go home and rake the leaves from the neighbor’s yard. The video has gone viral. Senior high school quarterback (…Read More)

Missing Football Fan Found!

In a world of doom, gloom, death, general destruction and acrimony, it’s nice to have a piece of decidedly good news. This is the case with the disappearance of Paul Kitterman, a Denver Broncos fan who was last seen at a Broncos game. According to an article on BuzzFeed, Mr. Kitterman has been found and (…Read More)

Pope Francis: God Created Evolution

Although the Catholic Church has developed a reputation for centuries of being at odds with the scientific community, Pope Francis expressed his belief that science and religion can, in fact, coexist during a recent address to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. The topic of the Pope’s address was, “Evolving Concepts of Nature.” Pope Francis stated (…Read More)

Books Not Guns Declares Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani teenager world famous for continuing to defy the Taliban even after being shot in the head by their forces, again emphasized the power of education to defeat terrorism. On Tuesday she appeared at the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Philadelphia and stated that President Obama should send books instead of guns (…Read More)

A Child Charged With Murder in Pennsylvania

A ten-year-old boy is being charged with murder and being held in an adult jail cell in Pennsylvania. His story shocked the state with its brutality and by the ages of the victims. The boy, who has been described as being troubled with both mental and emotional issues, attacked an elderly woman of ninety years. (…Read More)

18-Year-Old Killed by St. Louis Police

In St Louis, a policeman may be guilty of murdering an 18-year-old male. The policeman was chasing the teenager, and then shot him several times, killing him. This occurrence has unsettled many in the region, especially after a recent event in which a police officer shot and killed an unarmed teenager. The Police Department has (…Read More)